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Right then, a micromouse schematic. A word of warning – this schematic is for me and not for you. That means its not pretty, values are missing and circuit notes are missing.

So important parts to mention are that the Bluetooth module was from and is not currently available (although there are many similar alternatives, and the schematic / pcb footprints are avaliable from The crystal value is set to some random value (around 4.2Mhz), it allows me to run at a really random clock speed (73Mhz after PLL), but gets me perfect for 921600 baud uart – which how fast I run the bluetooth module. I run both PIC’s at that speed so the intercon can be easily set up to the same speed – any arbitary setting value will work. By the way I the net I named as spi on the schematic nets are just ‘interconnects’ as they are on the retargetable pins.

Here is the pdf, you might want to use the rotate functions – or adopt a weird pose…

Public Release Jan 2011 – Micromouse Schematic

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